? My Groom Machines - The Concept

My Groom - The Concept. 2000 stables already equipped!

My Groom is the first machine specifically designed to clean ALL of the horse’s equipment.
One Machine with 2 functions:

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A washing machine for all your horse’s synthetic equipment* simply using soap and water, (*rugs, numnahs, bandages, travel boots, brushing boots, lunging equipment, etc).

Using the My Groom range of products you can clean and nourish your leather equipment*, without the use of water, through the use of the specially designed wipes and sprays (*girths, bridles, martingales, cruppers, leather boots, driving equipment, etc).

No installation required, it is easy to use and transport. The machine is robust and reliable, and will simplify the cleaning and maintenance routine for all of your horse’s equipment, without effort, and at an affordable price.

My Groom is an ecologically focused patented machine. Built on a mass produced base, it allows for a reliable product at an affordable price.

Made and assembled in France, it already has a wide client base there.




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